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Emmy, and two-time RTS Award Winner...



2016 Executive Producer - My Kitchen Rules UK, 30x60 for Channel 4
2016 Executive Producer
Old School with the Hairy Bikers
3x60 for BBC2

2015 Executive Producer

Revenge Porn 1x60 for C4


This year a new law was been passed making the malicious sharing of sexually explicit photos online without consent a criminal offence. Known as ‘revenge porn’ presenter Anna Richardson embarks on an immersive journey to uncover the perpetrators and victims of the phenomenon and the devastating consequences it has. The film attracted an 8.9% share – 50% above the slot average.

2015 Executive Producer

Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners: Country House Rescue 4x60 for C4 at 8pm, betty

Britain’s country houses are historic and magnificent - and full of dust, dirt and junk.  Now the combined efforts of two obsessive cleaners are restoring these once-grand homes to their former glory. This brand extension of OCC was an immediate hit and was re-commissioned for a second series.


2014 Development Executive 

Married at First Sight 3x1 hours for C4 at 9pm, CPL Productions

Based on the Danish format I developed this legally complex and hugely ambitious project. It attracted widespread attention, 1.7 million viewers and was re-commissioned.

2013 Executive Producer

Undercover Doctor: Cure Me I’m Gay 1x60 for C4, Optomen

Dr Christian Jessen investigates the bizarre world of gay ‘cures’ trying them on himself to see if they make him any less gay, in this thought-provoking and controversial documentary, which included painful scenes reminiscent of Clockwork Orange.


2013 Executive Producer

Kevin McCloud’s Manmade Home 2 4x60 for C4, Optomen

Kevin recycles his low-tech, handcrafted shed into an amazing beach home in his quest for a simpler and happier life, in this second series beside the sea.


2013 Series Editor

The Magaluf Weekender 3 6x60 for ITV2, Twofour

Teenage rites-of-passage rig series where teens try sun sex and booze on their first holiday abroad without their parents. I supervised six edits. 



2013 Co-Executive Producer

Shipping Wars 1x60 TX pilot for C4 at 8pm, Megalomedia

Real transporters bid for real loads to ship against the clock. Who can make the most money from their cargo?  This US transactional format redesigned for a British audience won 1.2 million viewers and went to series.

2013 Executive Consultant

Million Dollar Intern 10x60 for BBC Worldwide, Outline Productions

Posing as babyface interns, our hotshot millionaire entrepreneurs join struggling companies for a week of work experience undercover, whilst figuring out how to save the business. I was asked to come on board as a consultant exec.

2012 Executive Producer

Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners 6x60 for C4, betty

A character-led documentary-features hybrid where obsessive cleaners make the world a better place by cleaning dirty homes and public spaces. Debut episode won 2.7 million viewers, the highest rated launch show for three years on C4. Described by Jay Hunt as ‘resetting the agenda at 8pm’. Re-commissioned and now in it’s fourth series.

2012 Executive Producer

Sex Hospital 5x60 for TLC, betty

Fourteen couples suffering sex and relationship problems attend a luxury retreat to get help from our expert sex therapist and neuroscientist. A huge casting achievement and surprisingly educational, the series was a worldwide hit for Discovery.

2012 Executive Producer

Beauty and the Beast
, 4x60' for Channel4
2012 Executive Producer

My Big Fat Fetish,
1x60' for Channel 4

This shocking and disturbing documentary trended worldwide on twitter.
2011 Edit Executive

Cookery School
50x60' for Channel 4
2010 Co-Executive Producer

Kids in Care
1 x 60 Panarama Special for BBC1 9pm

RTS Award winner...
2008 Series Producer

Jamie's Ministry of Food
, 4x60 for Channel 4,

'The most powerful documentary for years', Guardian, 1 October 2008

RTS Award winner... 

2007 Series Producer,

Classical Star, 5x60 for BBC2 at 9pm,
Shine Limited

This was a popular and contemporary re-imagining of classical music led by cellist Matthew Barley.
2007 Series Producer

Badger or Bust,
  6x60 for Sky One.
Diverse Productions

A new business-reality format, where ex-Apprentice star Ruth Badger troubleshoots struggling companies and turns around their sales team.
  Eve writes for the Guardian

2005 Series Producer

Would You Buy a House With a Stranger
10x60 for BBC1 and BBC3 

Ambitous property series helping cash-strapped first-time buyers co-buy and get on the property ladder.
2003 Series Producer
Boss Swap - 3x60 for C4 at 9pm.

Two bosses swap jobs and run each other's company for two weeks.

2003 Series Producer

Masters and Servants - 4x60 for C4 at 9pm

Families take it in turns to play being the master and then the servant with each other.
2001 Series Producer

Shipwrecked 3
- 12x30 for C4 & T4 at 6pm

Reality teen survival series filmed in Fiji
1998 Producer/Director
Tony's People -
5x30 for C4 at 9pm

Observational documentary series about the impact of New Labour's policies on the people of Tony Blair's constituency in Sedgefield. I directed three episodes.
1998 Producer
Homicide in Kennewick
- 1x60 for C4's Equinox strand at 9pm

Science documentary about how a 9,000-year-old skeleton kicked off a race row over the peopling of the American continent.